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Having very fine hair myself, I have tried every type of extensions in the industry over the last 9 years. There are so many poor-quality options that I committed to only providing the absolute best in class for my clients, which is the hand-tied method.


There are two primary companies in the hand-tied extension industry, Invisible Beaded Extensions® and Natural Beaded Rows™. I am certified in both methods.


Invisible Beaded Extensions® (IBE)

IBE is the #1 most requested hand-tied extension method due to is  unique “flip up”. Its patent-pending method has solved three major extension challenges:


1) Preventing damage to hair

2) Eliminating any discomfort

3) Increasing styling versatility.



Natural Beaded Rows™ (NBR)

NBR is the most natural, light-weight option for fullness and length. It is a hand-tied method that offers flexibility and fullness without compromising your natural hair. Unlike other methods, NBR™ brings hair dreams to life with natural, full, yet lightweight extensions. Each weft of 100% sustainable source human hair is sewn to a "track" using an exclusive bead and string technique.


If you are specifically intersted in NBR, please contact me.  

I am passionate about providing the highest quality extension solutions for fine hair. Whether you are wanting to achieve long mermaid hair, or simply add natural fullness to your natural length, IBE will change your life.


  • No slipping

  • Your natural hair can still grow

  • Extensions are full, yet lightweight

  • Little to zero damage to your hair

  • Wear your hair in a high pony worry-free!

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