Natural Beaded Rows™ (NBR) is an exclusive hair extension method created by Danielle K. White of DKW styling. In 2020, I became certified in NBR™ to provide the highest quality extension service available.

Unlike other methods, NBR™ brings hair dreams to life with natural, full, yet lightweight extensions. Each weft of 100% sustainable source human hair is sewn to a "track" using an exclusive bead and string technique. 


Having very fine hair myself, I have worn every type of extension in the industry over the past 7 years. Nothing has compared to NBR™. 


  • No slipping

  • Your natural hair can still grow

  • Extensions are full, yet lightweight

  • Little to zero damage to your hair

  • Wear your hair in a high pony worry-free!

I am passionate about providing the highest quality extension solution for fine hair. Whether you are wanting to achieve long Victoria's Secret hair, or simply add natural fullness to your natural length, NBR™ will change your life...I'm serious!

I cannot wait to hear your story, and be a part of your journey into the transformation of the new you!

The NBR™ Experience: 

Let me be the first to congratulate you on embarking on this beautiful experience! You may be wondering where to begin! Here is a short breakdown of the NBR experience:


First I will ask you to fill out the application here! You will hear from me within two business days of submitting your form to schedule a complimentary consultation.



At your consultation, we will discuss in-depth what it will take to reach your overall dream hair goals. This will include custom matching your hair with the highest quality, ethically sourced hair by Covet&Mane.



A deposit will be made at the time of booking our initial installation appointment. Because NBR™ is the most customized extension method this experience usually lasts between 3-4 hours depending on your color/hair density/length goals! 



Finally, we will custom cut, layer, and blend your extensions with your natural hair! I will also welcome you to a complimentary one-on-one styling tutorial to ensure you feel confident styling your new hair at home! 



NBR™ extensions require an adjustment appointment every 6-8 weeks. This visit includes your color, the color on the extensions, a luxury Olaplex treatment, and a custom cut! With proper care, your new hair can be expected to last 6-9 months!

The NBR™ Certification Experience

In order to legally provide NBR™ extensions, stylists must be certified.

1. Apply to participate in the DKW NBR™ Training Program. 

2. Three months Training Program with Danielle and her professional trainers.

3. Complete several hours of live practice demonstrating my work to trainers.

4. Recieve certification