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I am most excited to introduce Natural Beaded Row extensions as a NBR certified stylist.

I was recently selected by the creator of Natural Beaded Rows, Daniel White at DWK STYLING, to attend the DKW NBR training in Laguna Beach California.

You may bee thinking, “NBR certified...what’s that even mean!?”

In order to do extensions legally, stylists must be certified. Much like someone going through nursing school and graduating to legally practice nursing!

Danielle White has trademarked her method in order to maintain the quality of the brand as she sees fit. In order for any stylist to do NBR, they must go through the certification process. This includes completing three months of BMS training with Danielle and her professional trainers. After finishing the training, I completed several additional hours of practice and quizzes all while demonstrating my work on live individuals.

NBR is unlike any other extension method in the industry. It is so much more than sewing hair into someone’s head. NBR is all about delivering quality and satisfactory results. Placement, beadwork, and color customization are just a few of the crucial elements that encompass the NBR brand and method.

Having very fine hair myself, I have worn every type of extensions in the industry over the past 7 years and nothing compares to Natural Beaded Rows. NBR offers little to no damage with zero glue or sticky adhesives and minimum contact to the natural hair. (Did I mention you can wear your hair in a high pony!?)

I am so passionate about being able to provide such an amazing solution for fine hair. Whether you are wanting to achieve long Victoria Secret hair, or simply add natural fullness to your natural length, NBR will change your life... I’m serious!

I cannot wait to hear your story, and be a part of your journey into the transformation of the new you!

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